What MUA does

MUA is a business customer representative organisation, and as such its Board of Directors takes much of its direction from member companies around the operational and strategic concerns they face as major business mail users and other mail industry companies.

MUA, as a recognised trade body, has very good connections with Royal Mail, and within the independent mail operator community, more generally. The Association also maintains close contacts with all relevant government, regulatory and consumer representative organisations, including Ofcom, BEIS and Citizens Advice. The delegations it selects from member companies are made up of business mailing practitioners with cutting edge knowledge of the operational aspects of the mail business, and their views and opinions are consequently respected within the industry, and sought after by key decision-makers.

With the Association's key strategies in mind, MUA’s Board proposes to achieve the following during the year 2022, and beyond:

With the challenges now facing the UK mailing industry, MUA as a representative organisation is committed to ensuring that business mailing interests are fully represented in this rapidly changing marketplace.